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The first steps of the "Food Forest" Project Kwakoegron Mai 2018

Searching a good place in the swampy wilderness of Suriname, to set up a "Food Forest"

Welcome to our blog post. In this blog we would like to inform you about all events related to our project to design a food forest in a somewhat rocky and hilly environment.

I saw this piece of land and imagined what the view could be like up on the hill. It was my dream to plant cocoa here in the middle of nowhere as they did here in this country more than 50 years ago. In between papaya, banana, vanilla, coffee, sugarcane, turmeric and much more. But there was still a long way between my ideas and to go start planting.

Our first steps were to find a way up to the bushy, muddy hill into the forest. Hoping to find water and good place to set a up tent.

My job was to make a lot of photos as possible to document all this.

I followed our helper, who liked to sharpen his bush knife.

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